Cedar Pavilion, 2018. Portland, OR.

Cabin timber frame, 2018. Joseph, OR. Cut during the Prairie Mountain Folk School timber framing class.

Sauna Timber Frame, 2016. Built as part of the Maker's Journey workshop, which I taught with Anthony Zollo. Woodstock, NY.

Detail - Sauna frame. 

Ranger's Cabin Timber Frame, 2016. White Pine. Rabbit Bay, MI. 

Detail - Ranger's Cabin. 

Detail - Ranger's Cabin.

Beaver Brook Kitchen, built during Beaver Brook School 2015. Photos by Adam Newport-Berra

Timber framed treehouse. Built as the project for Beaver Brook School 2014. 

Well cover, built under direction of Joar Nilsson. Laholm, Sweden, 2013.

Sugarhouse, Dartmouth Organic Farm, Hanover, NH. Hemlock. 2007.

Velvet Rocks Trail Shelter, Hanover, NH. Hemlock. 2007. (Collaboration with Ira Friedrichs)

Timberframing - Process.

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