Sauna Stool, 2021. Port Orford Cedar & Cherry. 

Thread Rail for Best Made Co, 2018.

Candle holder for Peaches, 2018

Dining chair, 2018. Pine, ash, beech, and milk paint. 

Dining Table, 2018. Beech. 

Wall Shelf, 2018. Hard Maple. 

Table for Adam, 2017. Douglas Fir. 

Broom, 2017. Beech and horsehair. Shown in Stockholm and New York with Furnishing Utopia. Photo by Charlie Schuck. 

Dining chair, 2016. Ash, cotton webbing, milk paint. 

Side chair, 2016. Oak, ash, and poplar. 

Sauna stool, 2016. Oak. 

Candle series, beech, 2016. Shown with the Furnishing Utopia Project at Sight Unseen Offsite 2016.

Steam bent trays in oak, cedar, and pine, 2016. 

Bookshelf, 2016. Ash, pine, milk paint. 

Tool chest, built as a part of Chris Schwarz's Young Anarchist class, 2015. 

Match Box, for Best Made Company, 2015. Steel and brass.
Foot Locker, for Best Made Company, 2015. Steel.

Trestle Table, 2015. Poplar and maple. 

Green wood stools, 2015. Oak and cotton webbing. 

Interior of TicTail pop-up, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015. A collaboration with Anthony Zollo

Interior of TicTail pop-up, Paris, France, 2015. A collaboration with Anthony Zollo.

Interior of TicTail pop-up, New York City, 2015. A collaboration with Anthony Zollo.
Clock, 2015. Pine, leather, quartz movement.

Helped Adam make a movie, 2014

Utensils. 2012-2014.

Counter, 2013.

A work surface that represents the idea of placing constraints on the structure of the home kitchen. 

Part of my master's thesis at the Pratt Institute, May 2013.

Counter detail, 2013

The Cook's Dance, 2013

A proposal for a cookbook with no words. By constraining the information in a cookbook, the recipes are made intentionally ambiguous. The user, therefore, must fill in the blanks themselves, learning more intimately about the ingredients and methods of improvisation. Part of my master's thesis at Pratt, May 2013. 

Photographs by Brian Ferry

Bowsaw, 2013
Tupa collection, 2013

Packboard, 2013. Pine, rawhide, and leather.

Folding Toolbox, steel and wood, 2012. See a video of it in action. 

30 Minute Furniture series - Shelving. 

The 30 Minute Furniture was designed to allow an urban resident to build all of their own 

furniture out of dimensional lumber, at minimal cost, with only a hand saw and a drill. 

30 Minute Furniture series - Table

30 Minute Furniture series - Bench

Stool, Maple, 2012

Presenting a group project at the 2012 Kolding Design Camp

Rolling Chest, 2010. Ash, rope, casters. 

Bench, Douglas Fir, 2009

Side Table, Walnut and Myrtlewood, 2009

Stools, Walnut, 2009

Knife, Maple, 2008

Desk for a Fly-Tyer, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut, 2008

Open Sign for the Hopkins Center, Birch Plywood, 2007

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